• TamaFlex® is Clinically Proven to Provide Joint Comfort, Function, and Flexibility in Just 14 Days!

  • Plant-based TamaFlex® is a Plant-Based, Standardized Blend of Tamarind Seed and Full-Spectrum Curcumin!

  • TamaFlex® Allows Joints to Reclaim Mobility, So You can Live a Healthy, Active Life!


what is tamaflex

What is TamaFlex®?

It is estimated that over 72 million American adults struggle with joint aches and discomfort. Adding to the problem: joint comfort treatment options are limited, not designed for long-term use, and may come with side effects. TamaFlex® is the first plant-based blend of Tamarind Seed and Turmeric Root Extracts clinically proven to provide fast-acting and long-lasting joint relief. Clinical results in healthy subjects show TamaFlex® is safe and effective in improving joint health, stiffness, and mobility.

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I am an active outdoor person and avid golfer. Since I started using TamaFlex®, I am much happier walking the course and my swing feels smoother.”

Kathy R.
Avid Golfer
Age 48, TamaFlex® user


I am a delivery driver and am in and out of my truck all day long… as a result my knees and back are often sore and uncomfortable. TamaFlex® helps soothe my joints and really helps me make it through the day.”

David M.
Delivery Driver
Age 64, TamaFlex® user


As a professional drummer I am moving my arms thousands of times so I have a lot of wear and tear and discomfort in my elbows. With TamaFlex® I feel like I have the ability I had three years ago and everything is working now, and steadily improving.”

Dicki F.
Musician Drummer
Age 52, TamaFlex® user


After years of being super active with yoga, hiking and dance I developed discomfort and poor mobility in my right knee and was not able to do anything. By the second week of taking TamaFlex® I regained my mobility, it was literally amazing, it actually works!”

Sarena C.
Super active 3-4 days a week
Age 36, TamaFlex® user


After years of walking dogs up to 8 hours a day I started to find that occasionally I had stiffness and discomfort in my joints and shoulders. Within a few days of taking TamaFlex® I started noticing results, feeling more flexible and mobile and I didn’t have that morning stiffness.”

Paul D.
Dog Walker
Age 50, TamaFlex® user


For most of my life I have run almost every day and over the last few years I have noticed stiffness in my knees, and it started causing me to miss days of activity. After a couple of weeks taking TamaFlex® I noticed my mobility is 100% better than it was and the product has made a huge difference in my activity level.”

Steve B.
Avid Runner
Age 60, TamaFlex® user

Why TamaFlex®?

Quality of life with an active-adult population demands products that help support joint comfort, flexibility, and motion, while also protecting connective tissues. Joint stress and stiffness can limit mobility and affect quality of life, robbing active adults their ability to function comfortably every day. Troubling daily discomfort is now a thing of the past – with TamaFlex® your customers can reclaim their confidence and mobility. Clinical studies have shown that TamaFlex® reduces joint discomfort, and increases function and flexibility in as little as 14 days!

what is tamaflex

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Delivers fast-acting, long-lasting, and protective benefits
  • Clinically proven safe and effective
  • Supports joint flexibility, function, and comfort
  • Plant-based and sustainable
  • Clinically shown to help you walk faster and farther.*
  • Helps improve functional performance in climbing up and down stairs.*
  • Clinically shown to improve functional performance while using stairs as quickly as 2 weeks.*
  • Supports an increased range of motion in the joint.*
  • Helps improve joint flexibility and function.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

clinically tested

Target Audience

TamaFlex® delivers fast-acting and long-lasting joint relief that can benefit anyone desiring healthy joint function, including athletes of any level, anyone experiencing joint soreness, and aging active adults.

Active/Sports Nutrition

Active/Sports Nutrition

Joint health is a complex issue for everyone, but for athletes, years of physical activity can take a toll. The constant strain on the joints from intense training sets the stage for joint wear and tear. TamaFlex® improves joint flexibility, supports a healthy inflammation response, and soothes soreness due to activity, and can help get athletes back to training faster.

Joint and Tissue Health

Joint discomfort due to activity is often a result of normal wear and tear off connective parts within the body. Other contributing factors include: weight, which puts more pressure on joints, especially knees, hips, and feet; sedentary lifestyle; and poor eating habits. TamaFlex® boosts joint flexibility, provides fast-acting and long-lasting relief, and helps protect cartilage and connective tissues.

Joint & Tissue Health
Aging Active Adults

Aging Active Adults

An issue facing today’s active population is more than 55 percent of men and almost 70 percent of women may be experiencing a discomfort and problems due to moving, walking, exercise and daily activities. Unfortunately, the treatment options for relieving joint discomfort are often ineffective and do not provide adequate relief. The natural ingredients in TamaFlex® have been clinically shown to make a significant difference in improving joint health.

How it Works

TamaFlex® is the market’s first patent-pending, plant-based synergistic blend of Tamarind Seed (Tamarindus indica) and Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) Extracts that have been clinically shown to promote both fast-acting and long-lasting joint comfort. By helping to modulate both the COX-2 and 5-LOX enzyme pathways, TamaFlex® helps balance normal healthy inflammation, resulting in significant improvement in joint comfort and function. It also delivers antioxidants that help to protect cells and tissues.

New Study, Now Effective in 5 Days!

Hogne, Vik

More effective than glucosamine/chondroitin, because few users report real relief, whereas TamaFlex® shows significant relief compared to placebo.”

Hogne Vik

Clinical Studies

Results - New Study, Works in 5 Days! Ask Us How

All clinical human trials supporting joint health were performed with healthy subjects with joint discomfort caused by physical activity. In a randomized, double-blinded trial, 90 healthy adults took TamaFlex® or placebo twice daily for 90 days. The study showed:

  • TamaFlex® effectively improved joint health by reducing joint discomfort and stiffness, leading to improved physical function in healthy subjects with joint issues caused by physical activity.
  • TamaFlex® 250 mg and 400 mg significantly increased distance walked (6MWD), reduced both Stair Climb Time and Pain Scores measured by the Visual Analog Scale and VAS, WOMAC discomfort, stiffness, and physical function scales when compared to placebo.
  • TamaFlex® significantly improved knee flexion – the amount the joint can move and flex - measured using goniometer and physician global assessment score.
  • TamaFlex® provided significant benefits as early as 14 days of supplementation.
  • No serious adverse events were observed with TamaFlex®.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Assessment of 6-Minute Walk Test

TamaFlex® shows 23-38% improvement!


Assessment of Stair Climb Test

TamaFlex® shows 20-23% improvement!

Stair Climb Test

Assessment of VAS Score (measure of discomfort)

TamaFlex® shows 32-46% improvement!

VAS Score

Assessment of Primary Knee Flexion

TamaFlex® shows a 3.43° – 5.3° improvement in articulation!

Primary Knee Flexion


TamaFlex® is a unique, standardized blend of Tamarind Seed and Full-Spectrum Turmeric, two research-backed and well-recognized joint health ingredients with a strong history of traditional use.


(Tamarindus indica)

  • Packed with antioxidants and standardized
  • Long used for joint care and digestive support

(Curcumin longa rhizome)

  • Naturally offers therapeutic curcuminoids
  • Long used for respiratory, joint, and GI health

The next-generation joint health ingredient, TamaFlex® has undergone the Gold-Standard human study – a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study – that evaluated and confirmed the Safety and Efficacy of TamaFlex® in supporting joint health in healthy subjects.


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