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New TamaFlex® Study Shows Joint Benefits for Horses

We are studying TamaFlex in animals to actually show its benefits to their joints.

TamaFlex is excited to announce this study in equines – this is not an animal study to provide evidence for humans – this is a study about animals that can improve their health!

closeup of horse legs and hoof

Lameness is one of the major causes of reduced physical performance and early retirement in horses. Over 70% of horses suffer from lameness in their lifetime (Niemelä et al., 2016)

TamaFlex significantly improved lameness during walking and trotting, leading to an improvement in their joint flexibility, health, and performance.

This new study, published in Veterinary Medicine Science, confirms that TamaFlex promoted joint flexibility in horses, supporting joint comfort and helping protect the joints by reducing pro-inflammatory mediators.  And the supplementation was shown to be safe and well tolerated.

TamaFlex Supplementation in Horses:

  • Helps with joint health
  • Helps improve lameness scores
  • Helps impact mobility
  • Impacts markers of inflammation in the blood & the synovial fluid
  • Tamaflex was not associated with any adverse effects
  • Highly palatable and easy to supplement
Veterinary Medicine Sci - 2022 - Jain - TamaFlex A novel nutraceutica... (2)_Page_01

Studies show that Tamaflex helps to improve the joint health of horses.

Figure 2 chart

Figure 2: Changes in lameness score from Baseline to follow-up visits. Data was analyzed using the Mann-Whitney U test. n=10; *p<0.05 vs. baseline, #p<0.05 vs. placebo.