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Ever wonder how TamaFlex and Tamarind Seed Extract were discovered? Learn about the innovation process and the benefits of TamaFlex helping support joint comfort and activities.

TamaFlex is patented and clinically validated in three human studies that tested TamaFlex against a placebo. The researchers examined the following:

  • Performance – walking speed and distance, going up and down stairs, sitting to standing, and how far the knee joint can bend!
  • Comfort & Function – how participants' joints felt.
  • Objective Measurements – taking blood samples that confirmed healthy inflammation levels and protection of cartilage and joint fluids.

The groups that took TamaFlex showed significant improvements in mobility while the placebo group did not. Participants taking TamaFlex found that they could walk farther and handle stairs better with increased strength and endurance. They also felt comfortable knowing that they were taking a food-based, animal-free, natural supplement instead of artificial supplements.