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New data proves that Tamaflex can be effective in joint health in horses.

Millions of horses are suffering from joint pain and disability. Eric Anderson from NXT-USA believes that equines need a new, effective supplement and Tamaflex is the answer.

The Natural View: Innovations in Joint Support Video

Editor-in-Chief Maggie Jaqua and Todd Pauli of 24 Stories Marketing are joined by Eric Anderson of NXT USA, Inc., to discuss the trends in plant-based ingredients and the science-backed benefits of the branded ingredient TamaFlex® to help improve joint flexibility and soothe soreness due to activity.

TamaFlex second clinical study webinar

In this on demand webinar Eric Anderson presents the findings of a new study confirming TamaFlex® reduces knee pain and inflammation in as little as five days while inhibiting cartilage degradation and improving musculoskeletal function.  See how TamaFlex affects joint health biomarkers.

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TamaFlex awarded composition patent

A new U.S. composition patent has been awarded for TamaFlex.  The invention relates to the synergistic composition of Tamarindus indica seed extract and Curcuma longa rhizome extract for several indications, including inflammation, joint function and collagen breakdown.


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Composition patent awarded for TamaFlex botanical extract combo

NXT-USA, a developer of novel ingredient solutions, is pleased to announce that a new US composition patent has been awarded to its flagship ingredient TamaFlex®. U.S. Patent #11,147,850, titled: “Synergistic Composition For Osteoarthritis” was awarded in late October.

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Opportunities in the joint health market

The joint health supplement category appeals to three main consumer groups, offering plenty of room for new products, concepts and users. Surprisingly, the fastest-growing group of individuals having knee replacement surgery is not the retirement-age crowd, but those under 50.

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Emerging horse data to help Ayurvedic joint supplement manufacturer make waves in new market

The manufacturer of a joint health supplement on the human market based on Ayurvedic principles believes new data on its effect on horses will help upend a somewhat sleepy market.

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NXT-USA launches vegan Ayurvedic joint health ingredient amid renewed interest in naturality

NXT USA has introduced a new vegan joint health product called TamaFlex®. The plant-based blend features a proprietary combination of the Ayurvedic ingredients tamarind seed and turmeric rhizome extracts that can help inhibit inflammation.

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How to market branded ingredients with integrity – podcast

Eric Anderson has been at the forefront of marketing evidence-based, IP-protected ingredients to quality-forward responsible brands. Tune in as Anderson sits down with Insider senior editor Todd Runestad.

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New vegan joint health ingredient amid renewed interest in naturality

NXT USA, recently announced the launch of a new joint health ingredient called TamaFlex®, which was evidenced by a 2019 study to significantly improve comfort, flexibility, and joint function as quickly as 14 days.

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The new natural plant-based ingredient for a lifetime of joint health

Joint health isn't just for aging consumers. Nearly one in three people aged 18 to 64 either have doctor-diagnosed arthritis and/or report joint discomfort symptoms. That's why it's important for all adults to actively support and maintain their joint health.

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