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TamaFlex® is currently available from high-quality nutritional supplement suppliers. 

We are proud to have collaborated with the following nutritional supplement manufacturers and suppliers to bring TamaFlex® to you.

Life extension logo

At Life Extension, you can count on the highest quality products backed by science, formulated using only the finest ingredients.

Joint Mobilty by Life Extension

Joint mobility

Our Joint Mobility formula uses a combination of turmeric and tamarind extracts to get you moving again by encouraging joint comfort and healthy range of motion.

Klean Athlete logo

We power health and peak performance in athletes who demand the most from themselves, their sport and their nutrition.

Klean Athlete product

Joint & Muscle

A plant-based formula to support joint comfort and flexibility, muscle recovery, and cartilage health.

GNC live well

GNC aims to inspire people to live well. Whether someone is an athlete or just starting to focus on their health, they can trust GNC to deliver the cutting-edge, efficacious ingredients and products they deserve.

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GNC TamaFlex®

This dietary supplement features a powerful botanical blend that reduces discomfort following exercise and daily activities.

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GNC TamaFlex® Fast Acting

A powerful, unique botanical blend that combines these ingredients, along with AprèsFlex® made from boswellia serrata.

Tamaflex complete - black and gold box

GNC TamaFlex® Complete

Five ingredients deliver unparalleled support for joint flexibility, stiffness and mobility plus joint structure and function.

Beyond Ra packaged in a green and black container-Abstract luxury blur dark grey and black gradient, used as background studio wall

Beyond Raw® EAA Elevated

The ultimate formulae for effective anabolic recovery, energy and hydration. 


Throughout their 80-year history, Schiff has been passionate about exploring remedies from around the world and discovering new, quality ingredients backed by science. 

Move Free Ultra Triple Action

Clinically proven Type II Collagen, which is proven to deliver better joint comfort that improves over time.

Whole Root Turmeric & Tamarind Blend

This patented blend of whole root Turmeric (curcumin) and Tamarind seed delivers antioxidants that protect against cell damage* and is clinically proven to deliver joint comfort in as little as 2 weeks.


Instaflex provides the latest in cutting-edge joint health research for active lifestyle support.


Instaflex® PM

NEW Instaflex® PM is the dual-action nighttime formula that supports healthy joint function and restful sleep.


Natural FX has natural active ingredients for everyday life.

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Natural FX - is composed of active ingredients from the Tamarind, Curcumin and vitamin C. Take 1 to 2 capsules a day and you’ll be on your way to a better everyday life.

NatureCity_Celebrating 20 years of caring support

Nature City’s goal is simple... it’s to help make your life better and more enjoyable by improving your health, mobility, and appearance. 

A photo of a bottle of TrueJoint_FLX

TrueJoint FLX - Joint & Muscle Support

Helps comfort joints and muscles and support function during everyday activities.


Gundry MD was founded with one mission: to help dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.

A bottle of PEAK Mobility plus

Gundry MD® Peak Mobility Plus

Peak Mobility Plus is specially designed to help keep your joints well supported and lubricated.

What people say about TamaFlex®

After years of walking dogs up to 8 hours a day I started to find that occasionally I had stiffness and discomfort in my joints and shoulders. Within a few days of taking TamaFlex® I started noticing results, feeling more flexible and mobile and I didn’t have that morning stiffness.”

Professional male dog walker walking a pack of dogs on park trail

Paul D.
Dog Walker
Age 50, TamaFlex® user

For most of my life I have run almost every day and over the last few years I have noticed stiffness in my knees, and it started causing me to miss days of activity. After a couple of weeks taking TamaFlex® I noticed my mobility is 100% better than it was and the product has made a huge difference in my activity level.”

young man runner running on running road in city park

Steve B.
Avid Runner
Age 60, TamaFlex® user